[sdiy] Home silkscreen painting ?

Tom Arnold xyzzy at sysabend.org
Sun Aug 30 19:30:09 CEST 2015

On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 07:55:26PM -0400, Dan Snazelle wrote:
> After seeing bruce from Modcan in I dream of wires doing HIS OWN PANELS in his shop, I started wondering how hard it would be ( once you order the screen of your art online) to do the same 
> Anyone know 
> 1, what kind of inks do you order?

A while back in SDIY, Paul Schreiber posted what powder coating he was using
on his panels and I think which Epoxy ink he was using.  A trip through the
archives is in order.  It was in reference to making MOTM module production
more environmentally friendly.

> 3. How is it different than t shirt printing 

Epoxy Ink eventually destroys the screen.  Other inks/paints dont stick well
to Powder Coat.  Of course, if you're going to *paint* your panels you can
probably use some other paint on top and maybe that can be cleaned from the
screens.  I don't... ( more on this in a sec )

> 4 ventilation? Dangers ?

No such thing as too much ventilation with epoxy ink, or any any other
solvent based paint/ink.  Couple 20" box fans and cover them with cheap air
conditioner filters so they don't get too badly painted over time.  Thats
what I used to knock down powder coat powder and fumes.  If you can light a
match in front of you and smell it, you need more airflow.

Silkscreens : So, you wanna try this at home.  Awesome.  Get some white
Speedball poster paint and experiment.  Very safe, look for the kid friendly
stuff.  Not insanely durable, but you need to see if you can get your
workflow tolerable before you go crazy with proper paint.

Have a look at http://www.craftyprinters.com ( used to be called Circuit
Bridge )

These are photo sensitive plastic screens.  Basically $10 for a letter sized
sheet, so not "cheap", but cheap enough to just throw away when you're done if
you are using Evil Ink.  You can get a starter kit.  Make the screen frame
from stiff cardboard and tape, and give it a try.  I can get 3 different
frak/euro sized modules from one sheet and they sell smaller sheets.

On the subject of powder coating.  Thrift store toaster oven $20.  Self
contained powder coating gun ( Craftsman brand ) ebay $30. ( Summitracing
has it for $50, WAI Powdercoat gun ).  Black matte powder $15.  The WAI gun
only holds a small amount of powder, but way more then enough for doing a
bunch of modules.  Once you work the kinks out, so much nicer and more
predictable then painting.

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