[sdiy] Home silkscreen painting ?

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Sun Aug 30 06:56:07 CEST 2015

Hi Dan,
The ink depends on what substrate you're printing on. A look at the MSDS
would also dictate the personal protective equipment and ventilation

The actual printing process isn't different from t-shirts at all. But
the more aggressive inks can be more complicated if it's a 2 or 3-part
ink. The clean-up process may also be more involved as well, but the
manufacturer of the ink will be able to recommend the right chemicals
and tools for that. The disposal of the waste chemicals also can become
a concern.

The first month after I started screen printing, I met a guy at a
concert that did it occupationally and was suffering from some pretty
hardcore nervous system problems because of it. I had just spent a big
chunk of money on personal protective equipment, so I asked him what he
used on the job. He said he asked his manager for breathing protection
and he was given one of those little paper dust masks, and he refused to
wear gloves because he didn't want to 'look like the michelin man'. 



On Sat, 2015-08-29 at 19:55 -0400, Dan Snazelle wrote:
> After seeing bruce from Modcan in I dream of wires doing HIS OWN PANELS in his shop, I started wondering how hard it would be ( once you order the screen of your art online) to do the same 
> Anyone know 
> 1, what kind of inks do you order?
> 2, from where ? 
> 3. How is it different than t shirt printing 
> 4 ventilation? Dangers ?
> Thanks !
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