[sdiy] Ladder filters and gain drop, that old chestnut

mskala at ansuz.sooke.bc.ca mskala at ansuz.sooke.bc.ca
Thu Aug 27 11:50:19 CEST 2015

On Thu, 27 Aug 2015, Tom Wiltshire wrote:
> What happens if you stick an extra unity-gain inverter at the end of the
> filter?
> Then you'd be able to use positive feedback for the resonance, and
> adding the input signal into the resonance VCA (or pot) wouldn't change
> the tone so much (since it'd be a simple sum, rather than the difference
> of the two signals). Does this make sense, or do I need more tea?

More tea for you, I think.  Inverting and then adding is not really
different from subtracting.
Matthew Skala
mskala at ansuz.sooke.bc.ca                 People before principles.

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