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If you look on Youtube, you should be able to find some "I Dream of Wires"
mini-docs which discuss specific makers.  For example, I appear in one which
is devoted to the Canadian makers, Modcan and Intellijel.  I'm not sure
whether there is anything in those that was not in the 4-hour monster
version of IDOW.  (I was told that I also made the final cut into the 1-hour
version of IDOW as well.  I'm a star!)


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There's also a 4 hour version called the hardcore edition. Which I've seen
and they have extended interviews on their vimeo account. 


I'm interested to see what cuts they made for the general release, I heard
it's a different VO entirely.
Would love to see them do another movie looking even more into details and
developments at the current modular creators.

If I remember right there was also a eurorack compressor/distortion module
you could get when this was originally crowdfunded.


On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 5:03 PM, Scott Gravenhorst <music.maker at gte.net>

I just saw this 2014 documentary on Netflix.  Some recognizable people in
it.  I thought it was interesting.

I do not work for Netflix nor any part of the documentary.

-- ScottG
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