[sdiy] transformers, power amps, and op amps.

alfred.pear at gmail.com alfred.pear at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 09:15:08 CEST 2015

hi sdiy folks--

i'm currently (perpetually) trying to wrap my head around some basic
electronics ideas and i was hoping to ask a few questions.

at the moment, i'm trying to design a small amplifier. based on this one,
to be precise:

i have the following questions:
1. to drive a speaker, the current is scaled up considerably - is it safe
to send it back into an op amp? i know that operational amplifiers
theoretically reject current, but how do i determine their limits? and does
high current impact offset voltage?

2. if i use a transformer at the output, i could potentially be stepping up
the voltage considerably - is that safe to send that back into an op amp?

my main reason for asking is that i'm interested in using line-level
devices within a +/-12v system, so i know they need to be stepped-up via
transformer at some point.. i'm essentially wondering if it's possible to
use one transformer for multiple functions.

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