[sdiy] [OT] UK electronic components retailer looking to stock-take/liquidate

Justin Owen juzowen at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 21:37:53 CEST 2015

Hi all - apologies for this odd/random post but as usual - I figured some of you might well have an angle on this.

As a result of a recent death in her family, a colleague of my wife is now the owner/director of - what appears to be - a fairly large electronic components supplier here in the UK.

I've been asked not to mention the company's name at this stage as this was totally unexpected for her - but it's not a company I had ever heard of. No - it's not Farnell!

She has asked me for some advice on getting some sort of independent evaluation on the value of her stock - particularly with regards to the "millions of chips" they currently hold. I understand this is to help her make a decision on whether to continue trading or to liquidate.

Do any of you have any take on a company or some sort of service provider that might be able to go in and give her an initial ballpark evaluation on large quantities of ICs - some that might be current, some that might be obscure but potentially valuable and some that might be junk. I did suggest specialist auction houses - but I don't know of any.

Yes, I did do a search for some key part numbers - and they have ones and twos of some obscure/interesting parts but I'm pretty sure her priority is moving big numbers of bread and butter ICs quickly rather than helping SDIY'ers sort 1s and 2s of CA and SSM parts! :)

I promised I'd ask - so here I am. Thanks all.

- J 

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