[sdiy] Admin msg: HTML format mails?

Rick Jansen rick.jansen at xs4all.nl
Wed Aug 5 18:09:55 CEST 2015

Hi all,

Synth-diy until now allowed no HTML mail, just *plain text.* However, people like to send 
HTML messages a lot these days, and HTML messages were silently ignored so far, as an 
anti-spam and anti-virus measure, but causing confusion at the same time, especially for 
new subscribers.

I noticed some recent replies to me personally with cc:synth-diy too, in HTML, and thus 
are not sent to the list.

As an experiment I changed the config of the list to allow HTML and multipart messages too.

Keep an eye out for trouble though. And don't _*O*__*V*__*E*__*R*__*D*__*O*_ the HTML?



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