[sdiy] "Final" prototype-PCB eurocards?

Rick Jansen rick.jansen at xs4all.nl
Tue Aug 4 21:13:43 CEST 2015

I'm in the final stages of a few breadboard Arduino-based projects, and I'd like to build 
the final-ish soldered version on a prototype PCB. I have some very old Eurocard prototype 
boards like these:  <http://dropmix.xs4all.nl/rick/sdiy/veroboard.jpg>

The fenolic brown board is a Veroboard, the nice green fiber one has no brand apart from a 
stylized "H" (?).

Vero seems to exist still, there are two boards that I found online that I like:

and a bigger board:
2. <http://www.verotl.com/en/product/10-2448-6u-eurocard-integrated-circuit-development-board>

Tried to order 1. but the account fails to be created, and cost+shipping is 30 euros,
which is a lot...
I seem not to be able to find such boards elsewhere?
I really like the layout of these boards, with power strips, and 3-hole strips for the DIP 

Boards that just have a matrix of dots or long strips of copper I don't like.

Any other suggestions?
What do you use as prototype boards these days?



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