[sdiy] computer/synth feedback loops

peter edwards synth at casperelectronics.com
Sat Aug 8 12:56:38 CEST 2015

Hey all. I'm looking for some insight and suggestions on a topic that I 
think lots of you know lots about.

I want to install a large analog/digital bridge in my synth system. 
Something that lets me communicate back and forth between 
computers(laptop, drum machines, etc) and analog synths....fluid *2 way* 
communication. The OPlab 
(https://www.teenageengineering.com/products/oplab) is very much in the 
right direction but I want lots more I/Os. And audio capabilities.

The simplest approach would be a 2 way midi interface and a 2 way audio 
interface. I hate making a distinction between audio and CV but I 
haven't found an interface that does it all.
And I do really like the idea of being able to utilize all of the 
innovations out there that integrate MIDI. I haven't seen much in the 
way of CV to midi converters but I could use one of the many DIY midi 
controller kits (like this http://www.midicpu.com/) to do this. I would 
have to make my own level converters to convert all my CVs to 0-5VDC 
though...which maybe I'll do.....
But I dunno.. maybe there's some other protocol I could use that accepts 
midi (so i can utilize all the cool midi stuff out there) but also 
allows full frequency communication between systems not limited by midi 
restraints. (?!)

Anyone have experience in this area that they want to share?

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