[sdiy] early history of motorola 4-quadrant multipliers?

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> On Oct 31, 2014, at 8:07 AM, michael johnsen <johnsen.rahbek at gmail.com> wrote:
> i’ve corresponded with mr thompson about the ic and was curious
> about its place in the development of ic multipliers. he couldn’t remember
> the timeline well, but suggested that motorola part numbers were at least
> “intended” to be chronological, which would make the mc1545 older than
> its well-known cousins, the mc1594, mc1595, and mc1596. can anyone
> verify this or elaborate with other examples of earlier ic multipliers?

Check out the SDIY discussion on balanced modulators back in August.

I wrote:


There were three in the series, the MC1494, MC1495, and MC1496.  The 1496 is still in production and has always been the most popular for ring modulator circuits.

The '94 was an analog multiplier.

The '95 removed the differential current output circuit.

The '96 was bare bones and required a little level shifting.


I don't think this series was chronological, more like featureful-low-simpler-high.  (Heh, like the Yamaha DX series.)

The 15xx versions are most probably the same as the 14xx series, but came out better on testing.  Since they were significantly more expensive, their quantity was lower, so the 14xx series is statistically more likely to be of the same spec as production improved over time.

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