[sdiy] OT - stubborn residual Velcro adhesive on front panels.

John Speth jspeth at avnera.com
Wed Oct 29 17:32:55 CET 2014

> Am fixing up a Kurzweil K2600 which had very strong velcro attached to
> front panel in several places in long, 1 1/2 "  wide strips. It
> came off after putting up quite a fight, leaving behind a nasty thick
> adhesive residue.  Isopropyl hardly  touches it,  and I don't want to
> removing or damaging the black paint on the Kurz's steel panel.
> Anyone hit this problem before, or got any tips on a solvent that might
> the job?

I've used Goof Off with good success.  It can be hell on some (most?)
plastics.  But I've found it worked on painted metal.  YOU MUST TEST
FIRST, if that's even possible.  When in doubt, don't use it.  I recently
used it to remove 20 year old hardened duct tape from a guitar pedal.  The
paint survived but I think I scrubbed too hard and took a little paint
off.  The rag didn't contain any color from the paint.  It was very hard.


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