[sdiy] PAiA 2720/R rebuild

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Mon Oct 27 10:46:26 CET 2014

Yeah, poor soldering on DIY kit. I was restoring Formant once (well, I 
still am) and literally every solder joint on every board had to be 
sucked and resoldered. All panel wiring removed and redone from scratch 
as it was sooo wrong it hurts.

Anyway, great job on your PAiA! I can imagine how tough that was.
But I miss "before/after" photos, they make any restoration report great.


W dniu 2014-10-27 00:30, Dave Brown pisze:
> He didn't on this one.  I've never seen so much flux all over everything.
> Leads extended through quite far, were bent over, and about 3X too much
> solder was used.  I don't think it was acid core solder but it had about
> that much flux on it.  I ended up sucking every pad and resoldering and
> fixing the pads that had lifted.  I think the sheer weight of the solder on
> the underside was enough to lift the pads!
> Dave
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> Wow!  Looks great!  That was on my Christmas wish list from the age of 12 (I
> turn 50 on Wednesday).  Santa never brought it.  I did try to build a Gnome
> with a friend in 1976, and failed utterly (he actually bought it, and was
> too impatient to use flux with the solder - every solder joint was stone
> cold).  I didn't attempt Synth DIY again until 2008.  Now, of course, I look
> at the PAiA stuff, and can't believe how cheap it looks and how simple it
> is.
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>> In case anyone is interested, I just was given a PAiA 2720/R synth
>> that I decided to restore.  A lot of the work was improving the
>> construction techniques of the original builder and dealing with the
>> general degradation of the electro-mechanical parts over time.  There
>> is a list on the site but the biggest issue was rebuilding the Pratt
>> and Read keyboard which meant everything had to be disassembled.  The
>> wood cabinet needed some TLC but the only improvements that I made
>> were the increase in PS filter caps and the replacement of just a
>> handful of parts.  Most all the wiring and soldering though had to be
>> redone and it required a lot of cleaning.  The keyboard S&H could
>> benefit from a modern op-amp but I decided to keep it original.
>> Photos and information at
>> http://modularsynthesis.com/paia/2700/2700.htm
>> David J. Brown
>> Email davebr at earthlink.net
>> Website http://modularsynthesis.com
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