[sdiy] Korg Polysix KLM-366 switch position

Florian Anwander fanwander at mnet-online.de
Sun Oct 26 23:06:04 CET 2014


can some one tell me, which is the standard position of the switch 
between VR1 and VR2 on the KLM366 in a Korg Polysix. If I search for 
pictures I find both positions. So which one is the standard position, 
and which one the position for the pitch adjustment. To the front 
(direction multipin connector) or to the rear (direction of the row of 

Also I do not really understand the function of this switch. It reduces 
resistor of 15,220 ohms to 15,000 ohms. How should it affect the 
spreading of the tuning that much?



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