[sdiy] The Aelita 321 synth.

Vilhelm Gustafsson villeg at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 01:56:34 CEST 2014

There are two revisions of the Aelita, they are completely different,
the whole circuitry redesigned.

The schematics on ruskeys.net are for the later revision so your synth
must be the earlier one. I own the earlier one and this had me too
very confused for a while, esp since the schematics are hard to read,
being in cyrillic.

If anyone has or has seen schematics for the earlier revision of the
Aelita, I would VERY much like to know...


On 2 September 2014 02:50, John Henson <synthnerd at eircom.net> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Most if not all of the issues with this Aelita were with the Digital
> Oscillator board which sits on the floor of the case next to the crazy power
> supply. The front panel controls for Octave and waveform select send Digital
> signals to this card and most of these signals were intermittent, the oft
> quoted interconnects were totally shot, and hardwiring the wires to the
> board improved the working of the synth a lot, I got most of the synth
> working except for the bottom 16 keys of the keyboard. The contacts were
> good, connectivity to the Oscillator board seems good, but no signals derive
> from this part of the keyboard.
> There is a connector marked X9 near this section which has nothing plugged
> in and the pins on it don't do much, the schematics from ruskeys.net show
> pictures of pcb's that just don't exist in this synth, and the schematics
> themselves are unintelligible, and the keyboard scanning system uses more
> than 200 diodes in two grids on the back of the keys and on the Oscillator
> board, I have checked all the diodes and I don't think this is it. My
> frustrated and remaining question is, was there a Daughter board plugged
> into X9 which I am missing?
> Regards to all,
> John.
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