[sdiy] MIDI CC with Pots

Paul Maddox yo at VacoLoco.net
Mon Oct 6 17:06:22 CEST 2014


> On a related note, how are people dealing with the MIDI loop problem 
> these days when tweaking real-time controllers and recording to their 
> sequencer?
> To use Paul's example of a bassline playing over 2 bars and someone 
> tweaking the "filter cutoff" control on a synth...  This manipulation 
> of the control will change the filter setting directly inside the 
> synth, but will also result in CC messages being sent out the synth's 
> MIDI OUT port to the sequencer for recording.  The sequencer then 
> feeds these CC messages back out it's MIDI OUT port and they arrive 
> back at the synth's MIDI IN port, where they presumably get acted on 
> and set the filter cutoff frequency inside the synth again!
errr, why?

Sorry, most synths I know when they receive a CC don't send it "out" 
again, only to the 'thru' port.


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