[sdiy] Wood working cv jacks!?

Dave Brown davebr at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 13 17:38:57 CET 2014

I've done several woodworking synth projects.  For my 88 key keyboard I just
did a small FrontPanelExpress panel and screwed it onto the back of the
wood.  There is a photo on my 88 note keyboard page

For my MIDI bass pedals I actually recessed the panel so it is flush.  I
used a similar FrontPanelExpress panel and I chose gold for both so it would
match the wood color.  A photo of that one is on my MIDI bass pedals page

I just recently did another panel to replace a home-made one on a PAiA
synth.  For that I used natural Aluminum again from FrontPanelExpress.  A
photo of that one is on my PAiA 2720 restoration page

I used screws in all of them from the front as that was the style I wanted.
You can have studs put on the rear so you could have no screws visible.
I've seen the FrontPanelExpress studs and they are quite nice but I haven't
investigated the maximum length.


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yes, cover it all with metal plate. This way no matter how bad the wood
cutout is done, it's not visible at all, and instead it looks like 10k$
audiophile product :)

Especially when you say carpentry is not your thing


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