[sdiy] what's the trick with these ribbon connectors?

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 23:45:57 CET 2014

On 11 November 2014 10:20, Adam Inglis <21pointy at tpg.com.au> wrote:
> In attempting to repair my Roland R8 drum machine, I came across a ribbon
> connector that I was unfamiliar with.
> Unfortunately in my haste I broke off a couple of pins.
> No big deal, I'm sure it's fixable, but....
> what is the trick with these things?
> I repair most of the old junk in my studio - 70s and 80s gear mostly -  and
> I've never had to tussle with a connector that was such a PITA!
> http://www.adambaby.com/images/tech%20pics/R8ribbonconn.JPG

Roland R8 you say?

Right then....

1/ Google for "Roland R8 service manual"

2/ Find it at the excellent   www.synfo.nl/pages/servicemanuals.html

3/ Download it.  Read it.

4/ Looking at your picture, note the connector identifier looks like
"..N6", so probably "CN6" or "CON6".

5/ Look up in service manual.  Don't worry, I've done it for you --
it's on page 7 and it looks like it is on the Jack board based on what
else I can see in your photo.

6/ Back to page 4 and look in the "Connector" section.....

7/ The part now known as CN6 has a manufacturer part number of "52004-0810"

8/ Google, again.

9/ Ooh look, it's a Molex part.  Clicky clicky....

10/ ....And we're here:

11/ Wire trap connectors are releaseable, but you need to release the
actuator assembly before pulling on the wires.

So.... yes it is releaseable connector... and yes you've buggered it.

12/ Oooh... I know... I know.... back to google....

13/ And google delivers.  Again:


So you can buy yourself out of trouble.

Happy days.


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