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Fri Nov 7 15:28:05 CET 2014

The photo of the quantizer PCB shows options for Frac and Euro power
connectors. A nice touch especially if all the boards feature this.

> We enjoy collaborating with Michael because much of what he produces is
> unique and very technical musically in modular synth. I will send him a
> note to encourage him to join here because I think its a valuable exchange
> of information. He offers PCBs and a few handmade panels directly, and we
> offer his PCBs via the webstore along with euro panels, a few MoTM format
> panels, and full kits. You have to really understand some level of music
> theory to maximize the use of his modules... Stepped CV, writable
> Quantizers, multi window comparators, a newly released midi to gate
> module, CV to rhythm conversion, et al. If you have not checked out his
> site, it's worth a look : http://www.bartonmusicalcircuits.com
> It represents an interesting body of 'next generation' analogue and
> digital design for modular synth and shows what can be done to build on
> the great earlier foundation of work out there.
>>> On Nov 6, 2014, at 9:04 PM, eidorian at aladan.net wrote:
>>> On 2014-11-06 17:48, Nicholas Keller wrote:
>>> I recently saw Barton Musical Circuits linked in a DIY thread on
>>> Reddit and had a look at his modules.  Is he a member here?  I quite
>>> like some of them that are rather unique, at least I haven't seen many
>>> like them (the quantizers with more than just semi/major/minor modes,
>>> the delayed AR, voltage to rhythm, wave animator, random resonator,
>>> true gate delay, etc)....but for all I know, you all have your own
>>> variations and you've all heard of him!
>>> Just thought I'd see if there was some awareness here of his efforts
>> He's mostly active on Muffs and a little bit on E-M.  I've built about
>> half of his modules, they are good fun (I especially like the delayed AR
>> generator).  The original quantizer isn't incredibly accurate, but good
>> enough for a lot of non-crucial applications.  I've got his improved
>> quantizer PCB as well but haven't finished building it yet; I've heard
>> it's pretty good.
>> Cheers,
>> A.
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