[sdiy] Michael Barton?

eidorian at aladan.net eidorian at aladan.net
Fri Nov 7 05:52:36 CET 2014

Well, Craig Lee's octal quantizer is the most amazing DIY quantizer 
I've ever seen... LCD panel option, quartertone scaling, root note 
indicator, 32 scales and yes, eight quantized CV in/outs (all quantized 
to the one common scale though).  Pretty darn good for that price.  

Yeah, it's quite difficult to keep track of all the DIY modular stuff 
available now, let alone the commercial stuff as well.  To be honest I 
can't see it getting any easier as time goes on.  Check out 
http://www.modulargrid.net/ for sheer insanity of it all.

A. (Adrian :-))

On 2014-11-06 20:31, Nicholas Keller wrote:
> Thanks for that info, A
> I suppose it's a bit of a trade off, but compared to the Doepfer
> A-156 Dual Quantizer that he mentions (of which I have three), he
> sacrificed switches, transpose, and range in theirs for 5x the modes
> on his!   Well, the switches on the Doepfer get you to some of the
> other modes, but still.  Again, I'm not as up to date as I could be
> with all the quantizers in the world, but I don't know of one that
> offers these scales. Maybe the Analogue Systems one? And I suppose 
> the
> Intellijel uScale can do them, and more, has a great interface, is
> compact, etc....but it's a single unit for $250 or so.  The uScale's
> is actually the function I want from a quantizer, a programmable 
> scale
> not based on any of the standards in the BMC Simple and Nice
> Quantizers.  However, the BMC User Writable Q allows this
> programmability, with the additional possibility of micro tuning 
> which
> the uScale will not support.
> And thanks for the link again, I meant to include it in my initial
> post. I actually have had the link saved on my phone screen for quick
> access for about two months and so I didn't forget about it or lose
> it.
> Nick

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