[sdiy] Michael Barton?

eidorian at aladan.net eidorian at aladan.net
Fri Nov 7 05:11:03 CET 2014

On 2014-11-06 19:26, Nicholas Keller wrote:
> Shame you say the simple quantizers aren't accurate.

In my defense I actually only said they aren't "incredibly accurate"...

As far as I can tell they're good enough for most people (including 
me), but I saw comments that there were tracking problems at the 
extremes of the output range.  Michael himself pointed out that it's a 
simple circuit, very low parts, low cost and not perfect.  I'm quite 
sure that's why he created his enhanced "dual nice quantizer", which by 
all accounts is excellent.  It uses an MCP4822 D/A converter for better 
linearity and precision, same as the one used by a lot of the modern 
circuits like the hexinverter MIDI2CV and the MIDIBOX's AOUT (I think).

I found the thread on Muffwigglers where this was discussed: Michael 
wrote "My goals for the design were for it to be small, easy to build 
and have minimal control so it could be used as a small standalone 
module or added to the output of a sequencer. I wasn't trying to compete 
with Doepfer or any other manufacturer/designer in having the most 
features, the largest voltage range or the most precise accuracy."  His 
username is "Boogdish" - 

Bottom line - Michael's stuff is interesting, good and different, check 
it out:  http://bartonmusicalcircuits.com/synthstuff.html


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