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We enjoy collaborating with Michael because much of what he produces is unique and very technical musically in modular synth. I will send him a note to encourage him to join here because I think its a valuable exchange of information. He offers PCBs and a few handmade panels directly, and we offer his PCBs via the webstore along with euro panels, a few MoTM format panels, and full kits. You have to really understand some level of music theory to maximize the use of his modules... Stepped CV, writable Quantizers, multi window comparators, a newly released midi to gate module, CV to rhythm conversion, et al. If you have not checked out his site, it's worth a look : http://www.bartonmusicalcircuits.com

It represents an interesting body of 'next generation' analogue and digital design for modular synth and shows what can be done to build on the great earlier foundation of work out there. 

>> On Nov 6, 2014, at 9:04 PM, eidorian at aladan.net wrote:
>> On 2014-11-06 17:48, Nicholas Keller wrote:
>> I recently saw Barton Musical Circuits linked in a DIY thread on
>> Reddit and had a look at his modules.  Is he a member here?  I quite
>> like some of them that are rather unique, at least I haven't seen many
>> like them (the quantizers with more than just semi/major/minor modes,
>> the delayed AR, voltage to rhythm, wave animator, random resonator,
>> true gate delay, etc)....but for all I know, you all have your own
>> variations and you've all heard of him!
>> Just thought I'd see if there was some awareness here of his efforts
> He's mostly active on Muffs and a little bit on E-M.  I've built about half of his modules, they are good fun (I especially like the delayed AR generator).  The original quantizer isn't incredibly accurate, but good enough for a lot of non-crucial applications.  I've got his improved quantizer PCB as well but haven't finished building it yet; I've heard it's pretty good.
> Cheers,
> A.
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