[sdiy] Blacet PS800

blacet at blacet.com blacet at blacet.com
Thu Nov 6 18:03:51 CET 2014

News from Blacet Research:

This is the fully contained PS800 with IEC power connector (cord supplied
in US and Canada) and power switch. Compatible worldwide with no

+/-15V @800/800 mA.

Six mounting holes compatible with old Frac Rak so it can be used as a
replacement for the PS505.

One four pin power out connector. Use module power cord to connect to a
distribution board such as PSCONN3 or PSCONN2 (optionally use PSCONN Cable
for the PSCONN2--still available on request).

Now available to order.

The regular price is $139 but you can preorder for $119. Limit of 2 at
this price.


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