[sdiy] Endless Rotary Potentiometers

Nathanael King nate at paperproductsmusic.com
Tue May 6 22:36:38 CEST 2014

Hi List,

I'm having trouble finding proper search terms. I just purchased a
bunk mpd24. Seller said "Values are jumping all over the place". I
found 3 problematic pots. I would have thought they would be simple
encoders - silly me. My reading suggests Akai used potentiometers that
rotate a full 360 degrees. They are a 9mm size and standard footprint.
Metal shaft, threaded bushing. There are 4 pins - one for each end and
!2! wipers. People that sell them linked below.


I'm not interested in paying over $20 for 3 pots (call me crazy).
Anyway, I thought I'd probe the list on the perchance someone has run
across this before and has inside information. They are Alpha brand. I
couldn't find a datasheet for these in the places I looked. Of course,
Alpha will make anything you want in the right quantity, so I don't
really expect much help from them.

I have used de-oxit and come close to full functionality on some of
the jumpy pots, but one isn't playing nice at all. So, yes, I'm trying
to just clean it in the meantime. It appears someone spilled a sticky
substance (beer) on the unit.

Paper Products Music

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