[sdiy] Mains interference

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Is it possible that too much emphasis is being placed on earth integrity here?
My home shares a 100kVA pole transformer with about 20 houses (3 phase, so not exactly the same).
The earth in our house is the incoming lead water pipe - less than ideal.
Could the radiation problem be line lengths? If a mains run just happens to be tuned to some magic RF frequency?
I wonder if a 240v isolation transformer could be borrowed to feed an offending device to break that 'tuned loop'.

As I say, our earth is shoddy (avoid the word 'shocking') and I have no problems with things like thermostat-induced noise.

HTH, Alan

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cheater00 wrote:
> Yup, that's thermite.

Having been witness to thermite rail welding I can attest to it being an impressive process.

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