[sdiy] Any SSM2164 pspice model available on the net ??

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Wed Mar 19 14:47:38 CET 2014

Le 2014-03-19 09:37, Neil Johnson a écrit :
> Jean-Pierre Desrochers wrote:
>> Does anybody have a link for SSM2164 spice model available on the net 
>> ??
>> BTW I'm using LTspice.
> This was discussed last month in the 2164 phaser thread.
> Summary: there is no official spice model from ADI or CoolAudio, only
> rough approximations based on a very simple ideal model of the 2164.
> Neil
> --
> http://www.njohnson.co.uk

Ok, so if there is any simplified spice model
out there of the SSM2164 that works for someone,
and would share.. I'm in.


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