[sdiy] oh KiCad

Colin Hinz lists at meccanion.com
Mon Mar 17 22:09:32 CET 2014

On Mon, 17 Mar 2014, Nathanael King wrote:

>> One apparent change -- which from the user perspective is huge --
>> which isn't documented ANYWHERE is the change to the component
>> libraries. Anyone here know much about that? I can't even find out
>> when the change was implemented, let alone any of the details.
> What exactly do you mean? Do you mean the included components are
> different than a previous release or editing/adding components is not
> how you'd expect? The included components seem to change on every
> release, or that's the vibe I get when I talk to users. It's my
> experience expecting included libraries to function "expectedly" with
> kicad is a frustrating endeavor. The only included libraries I use in
> my designs are the power symbols in the schematic editor as I never
> got those working correctly when created new.
> Nate

I've found vague references to something being significantly changed,
and I don't know whether it's with the schematic symbols, the PCB
symbols, or both. Something about the new format being easier on the
parser, and being extensible too. And the filename extension is now
"pretty". Total confusion on my part, I must confess.

- Colin

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