[sdiy] Mirage and ESQ-1 Power Supplies

nvawter at media.mit.edu nvawter at media.mit.edu
Sat Mar 15 23:19:55 CET 2014

Hi folks,

In going through some of my stuff, I discovered some Mirage and ESQ  
guts.  These include the AC power connectors, switches, transformers,  
fuses and power supply PCBs.  I'm not sure if they work, they came  
from broken synths, but people on this list could probably make use of  
them, so I'm giving them away for the price of shipping if you would  
like them.  Just get in touch with me via email.

There is also a container of keycaps from the synths if you would like  
those, too.

pic can be found at:

Thank you,

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