[sdiy] Possible 2164 12db/oct bandpass filter design.. corrected text in picture..

Mattias Rickardsson mr at analogue.org
Sun Mar 9 12:28:42 CET 2014

On 9 March 2014 01:55, Jean-Pierre Desrochers <jpdesroc at oricom.ca> wrote:
> There was an error in the text of the JPG.
> Corrected now.
> -----Message d'origine-----
> Here is a possible 2 x 2 poles, 12db/oct bandpass design made of one 2164.
> http://www.arcenson.com/public/2164_BP_filter.JPG
> Moving the 2 CV's opposite ways will 'open' the filter bandgap.
> Getting both CV's closer will 'close' the gap.
> Moving a common offset CV to both CV's will move the overall center cutoff
> of the bandpass filter.
> I'll test it this weekend..

You write that the CV ranges is 0 V ... 5 V,
but I guess you mean -0.66 V ... + 3.3 V
as this is the CV control range of the 2164.

A slightly reduced range of 0 ... 3.3 V would also work fine with
suitably chosen capacitors, if this makes the overall design easier.


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