[sdiy] Good 24db/oct HP-LP-BP-Notch filter Schematics ??

Michael Zacherl sdiy-mz01 at blauwurf.info
Fri Mar 7 14:15:59 CET 2014

On 7.Mar 2014, at 12:02 , Oakley Sound <oakleylist at btinternet.com> wrote:

> > Boo! How boring!
> Well, to be fair, the module has been around for many years. It was probably second only to Doepfer in the small format modulars.
> It does have a very unusual way of clipping the feedback. IIRC it has a single zener diode around one of the op-amps creating a very asymmetric output waveform. Not really my cup of tea but a lot of folk like it.

well, I liked the sound what I heard on the video clips. It's a bit 'thicker' (don't dare to say 'fatter')
maybe more saturated than the SVFs I know so far? (which IMO would comply with your description)



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