[sdiy] Good 24db/oct HP-LP-BP-Notch filter Schematics ??

Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Fri Mar 7 11:36:45 CET 2014

Boo! How boring!

A 4-pole SVF or a multimode pole-mixing filter would have been a bit different, but a straight 2-pole SVF has been done *a lot* of times. With OTAs? yawn. CA3046 for expo conversion…really?…snore.

I'm taking the mickey, but it's far from an original design. I like the 3080 for filters though. They have a lo-fi, original 1970's vibe!

They should correct that documentation. Currently they're selling that module as something that it isn't, and Trading Standards would have something to say about that.

Also, nice to have you back, Tony.


On 7 Mar 2014, at 09:05, Oakley Sound <oakleylist at btinternet.com> wrote:

> Guys, it's a standard SVF.
> Two stages of OTA driven from a 3046 expo.
> And yes, the documentation is not correct.
> The docs are written by someone who is technical but who is not the designer.
> Tony
> PS: I hope this gets through. I haven't been able to send to the list in months.
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