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actually there are ways of using a modular to do other types of synthesis besides subtractive .
( FM synthesis for starters)

and i think that even though its a very rough/ basic distinction, you can listen to a modular with a lot of "west coast style " modules and a modular with a lot of "east coast style modules " and they would cover quite a different range of sounds while maybe having crossover in the middle.

( i was at the brooklyn premiere of the i dream of wires. " short edition" film last night. and its funny how stark the difference is when they switch from people playing  on buchla systems to people playing on moog modulars) 

and though one of your responses seemed to imply that digital modules sound bad, there have been some great things happening in that realm with granular, with looper/ samplers, with wavetables, and with some modules allowing people to use their own code or edit the code .

every year at NAMM i see more and more customers , dealers and companies getting into modular. 

and most of them have their own unique ideas of what modular synthesis means or could mean to them.

and i think/ hope that as the tools grow/ change /etc, that will only expand.

these things are giant audio sandboxes. and no two need to fit the same goal.

and btw you can make  either "noisy " or beautiful music with many synths or traditional band instruments.

 i dont think that modules growing into new areas are forcing whippersnappers to make noisy music.

you can make super noisy chaos with nothing but a high gain amp with spring reverb and a guitar feeding back. 

and you could push basic oscillators into chaos through cross coupling. 

i guess my question  is at what point is a line drawn where one waveshaping method  or filter type or modulation source is deemed classic and acceptable and another is labelled as " not sounding like a synth?"

the source of uncertainty is considered a classic and its quite far out. 

ring modulators and drones with feedback were really hot with artists in the 60s but that might sound like a racket to some.

its all relative.

and thats good for you David because i know that intellijel and all the other modular companies ( mine included ) would sell far fewer modules if not for those crazy kids and their racket. 

its their desire for new sounds and new toys that keeps modular growing. and ive heard a lot of really cool music being made with them

and of course there are lots of people who make horrid music with their systems

but that should be a given

having all the great tools doesnt make someone talented or creative

but thats true of a huge percentage of guitar players too!

different strokes indeed

no problem there!

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> On Jun 29, 2014, at 11:31 PM, "David G Dixon" <dixon at mail.ubc.ca> wrote:
> I just really love the sound of the classic analog synthesizers, and that is
> what got me into it in the first place.  Sure, there are all kinds of things
> one can do with a modular (which, in my view, often make every modular
> player sound exactly like every other modular player, but nevermind), but
> it's the sound I'm talking about.  You can tart up (or f**k up) the sound
> with all sorts of modulations, but the basic sound is that of an analog
> subtractive synthesizer, and that's what I like.
> Different strokes.
>> much agreed!
>> ive always been confused when people get tons of modules set 
>> up to make a simple mini-moog" sound.
>> the thing that most attracted me to modular was the idea of 
>> sound exploration, new ways of creating melodic /rhythmic 
>> interest, and the ability to go far beyond what any of my 
>> previous synthesizers had been able to do.
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>> ye
>>>> On Jun 29, 2014, at 12:03 PM, "Ian Fritz"
>>> <ijfritz at comcast.net> wrote:
>>> At 09:55 AM 6/29/2014, David G Dixon wrote:
>>>> I like ADSRs because they make synthesizers sound like
>> synthesizers.  
>>>> I don't want my synthesizer to sound like other
>> instruments.  I want 
>>>> it to sound like a synthesizer.  It's a unique and lovely class of 
>>>> instruments unto itself.
>>> So tell us, what does a synthesizer sound like?  I've
>> always thought the point of a modular system was to have the 
>> flexibility to make a wide range of sounds, not to reproduce 
>> what other synthesizers sound like.
>>> Ian
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