[sdiy] Purpose of synthesizer (was: ADSR Trigger/Retrigger behaviour)

Matthias Herrmann matthias.herrmann at fonik.de
Sun Jun 29 22:31:11 CEST 2014

synthesis could be understood as either the opposite of analysis, or (as in
chemistry) the forming of a more complex substance or compound from elements or
simpler compounds.
maybe both applies to sound synthesis: you could analyse an existing (or
imagined) sound and try to synthesize it - even if it is from another
synthesizer. whoever established the term 'synthesizer' for the kind of
tool/equipment we talk about here, might have had this in mind.
nevertheless, even though 'sound exploration' is not covered by the term
synthesizer it has it's own value - and there is no reason i should not go
beyond 'synthesis'.

just my 2 pence


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> > So tell us, what does a synthesizer sound like?  I've always
> > thought the point of a modular system was to have the
> > flexibility to make a wide range of sounds, not to reproduce
> > what other synthesizers sound like.
> Different people want different things from their synthesizers.  For me,
> the
> classic sound of subtractive synthesis is all that matters.  These young
> whippersnappers can keep all their chaotic and distorted noise, and all
> those tinkly digital sounds make me wanna retch.
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