[sdiy] ADSR Trigger/Retrigger behaviour

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Sat Jun 28 20:50:36 CEST 2014

> Interesting. I've always seen R as an end-of-Gate thing, but 
> maybe it's good to extend it to a more general 
> there-is-no-Gate-present thing, so that a Trigger alone would 
> give AR instead of AD. :-) Is there any de-facto standard to this?
> I was mostly confused when you wrote "Gate triggers AD 
> cycle", but I guess you mean that Gate (even without a 
> Trigger) triggers the whole ADSR cycle?

Yes.  AD is essentially the whole ADSR cycle, because it comes to rest on S,
and S is only released by the end of the gate.

It's very nice having gates and triggers doing different things, and also
having a keyboard that generates both gates and triggers (gates when any key
is pressed, triggers when any new key is pressed, even if gate is already on
-- on my keyboard, that happens when a lower key is pressed).

I shouldn't take any credit for this scheme.  It is how the MFOS ADSR works.

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