[sdiy] Synth DIY UK news (the missing bit!)

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 19:01:35 CEST 2014

(damn keyboard shortcuts...grrrr)

Some news about what we'll have this year:

Liivatera www.liivatera.com will be releasing two new modules. First,
a through-zero voltage-controlled oscillator with complex sync, half-
and double-frequency outputs, LFO mode, PWM and multiple waveforms.
Capabilities will be demonstrated, and available immediately. A second
'mystery' module, together with several prototype modules, will be
demonstrated, showing what to expect from Liivatera through the second
half of this year.

Abstract Data www.abstractdata.biz , the London-based Eurorack
company, will be demoing their range of modules including the recently
released ADE-30 Wave Boss CV utility module and the ADE-31 Logic Boss
logic and triggering module. Abstract Data currently has a number of
new products in development with announcements planned towards the end
of 2014.

CESYG www.cesyg.com will be demonstrating their LEVIN Eurorack module,
a 21-element LED voltmeter with multiple inputs, switchable ranges,
and covering the DC to audio range. CESYG Founder Dr. Neil Johnson
said “LEVIN illuminates the signals in your synthesizer. You might
know what A, D, S and R sound like, now you can see what they look

There will also be dudes and demos from Modulus Music, Sequentix Music
Systems, Future Sound Systems, Krisp1 Modular Construction, and more.


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