[sdiy] DIYing again

crystal crystals at sonic.net
Fri Jun 20 23:55:09 CEST 2014

thanks Quincas and Roman.

Roman wrote:
"This is also my impression, that it is much easier now than 10 years 
ago especially for someone enjoying SMD. Although I'm certain this 
sentence may trigger another SMD/THT dispute here... "

yes, indeed smt or not it's incredibly easier now, then when i started.
i haven't gone the smt route quite yet (mostly a matter of getting the 
proper tools which includes a magnifying glass) but i will be soon enough.

dispute? i guess that is what synth-diy is here for :>)
after perusing the last few years worth of posts that i had stored up, i 
see a lot of disputes...
perhaps we can focus more on building better and more expressive 
synthesizers, too.

  ChristianH wrote:
> "modifrying" - is that just a typo, or is it actually a term reflecting
> real life ...?
> ;-)
> haha, it's not a typo just something i have said for my 30 yrs of disassembling, repairing, breaking, exploding, repurposing, and reassembling electronic music gadgets and gizmos. kind of a combination of all of the above.
> (a guy named)
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