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Tue Jun 17 16:37:42 CEST 2014

I think it's a valid statement. You are emulating the behaviour of hardware with a mathematical formula implemented in software. Granted it is probably a very simple memoryless time-invariant mapping function, but I'd still call it emulation or modelling. Similar to how you might model saturation in a guitar fuzzbox.

Of course it might not be that simple if the original hardware also has some imperfections that the emulation attempts to faithfully reproduce. Eg, glitch energy, finite slew rate, etc.


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>I find this odd:
>"The VLINN use DAC AM6070 emulation to decode the EPROMS content in real 
>time, a specialized DAC back in the days that was able to encode/decode 
>µ-Law companded data. A form of compression enabling a 12bit range out 
>of 8bit storage."
>I mean, this conversion can be done mathematically quite easily or even 
>using a look-up table. I wouldn't exactly call that "emulation".
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