[sdiy] Random design, was Re: When vintage stuff comes as an ideal....

Florian Anwander fanwander at mnet-online.de
Tue Jun 17 09:58:37 CEST 2014


On 14.06.14 16:16 , cheater00 . wrote:
> a) it has "killer sound" built in
> b) it doesn't have "killer sound", but it can be modded to have "killer sound"
> c) it doesn't have "killer sound" and never will.
aside Oliviers argument on cultural change, there is another category: 
change of usage. My example is the Korg SDD3000. This is a nice, but 
shure average digital delay. It became famous because U2's guitar player 
uses it and he says that the input stage is responsible for his 
"U2-sound". The SDD3000 never was intended for the instrument market but 
always for the studio targetgroup.
So now the SDD3000 goes for about 300% of the price of other equivalent 
delays, because everyone wants this input stage.

Basically the 303 could be seen similar: noone does "bass lines" with 
it, but distored midrange sequences. Mostly the distortion is this 
change of usage.


PS: Funny enough that noone ever argues with the real advantage of the 
SDD3000 - it is the only delay which can set the delay time numerically 
without breaking the input signal. All the Roland and Yamaha Delays stop 
the input signal as soon as you change the delay time. This makes it 
really difficult to find a tempo related delaytime using high feedback.

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