[sdiy] TL072??

Stewart Pye stewpye at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jun 12 22:59:16 CEST 2014

On 6/12/2014 5:58 PM, David G Dixon wrote:
>> The situations in which a TL082 works, and not a TL072, might
>> very well be that this particular TL072 (or the whole tube it
>> has been taken from) is a bit above typical specs, while the
>> TL082 is dead on (or lower). Parameters like offset voltage
>> and bias currents can vary a lot between their "typical" and
>> "maximum" value. It wouldn't surprise me if you found later a
>> tube of TL082s that wouldn't work, and TL072s that worked!
>> You'd better understand which parameters are critical for
>> your application...
> In my view, if a design is sensitive to the fluctuations between the
> "typical" and "maximum" values of datasheet parameters of a certain chip,
> then that chip isn't appropriate for that design.

I think that's exactly the point Oliver was making!


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