[sdiy] TL072??

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Thu Jun 12 10:33:17 CEST 2014

isnt this why there were so many reject ca3080s going around on the wholesale market ? because with the 3080 so many of them had specs which varied from unit to unit ? ( more like a bjt than a chip) so companies would unload them onto vendors?

or the way that korg and moog and others would paint color dots onto chips which were tested to be in certain ranges.....when i first started reading schematics i used to think that was just to keep people from copying their products..."u must select the right ones..ha ha"

i have tons of old 70s color dot chips...they are cute...some even have multiple colored stripes painted on the bottom

its funny how modern opamps/logic/etc chips in general are so good about just working chip after chip in a project run whereas. part variation in bjts is quite large from high to low but you use enough and you select the range you are after. 

One fear i have sometimes is that my magical time machine which worked fine in thru hole parts...wont work once it goes to tiny tiny smt

but its never been an issue so far. 


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> In my view, if a design is sensitive to the fluctuations between the
> "typical" and "maximum" values of datasheet parameters of a certain chip,
> then that chip isn't appropriate for that design.

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