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david... i see here you said two things which relate to the question of What the differences are between the two opamps

at first i thought you said they ARE interchangeable ( which  for me means you can safely switch them on a BOM with no detrimental effects )

but then I saw that before that you did a great job of listing the three "small" differences some of which you said are in the cheaper versions (which many people use) 

but those small differences can matter in situations where those specs were crucial to something working : current draw limited situations, repair situations or people ordering kits which ask for 82s or 72s ( i would never want a population place to switch 72s to 82s or vice versa as that is throwing enough difference into a circuit which might use 5-10 tloxx chips...which could cause sub-optimal operation

and since they are all so low in price, i always keep 72s and 82s on hand (and of course 62s)

i guess i just wanted Tim to know that there is definitely SOME difference
thats all

funnily enough, tonight I stumbled across a repair techs blog... when i found someone else who has had issues helped by switching from 72s to 82s ...ultimately he went to a 62 but i think it gives more credence to the idea that 72s and 82s are not always exactly the same.

anyway its a funny anecdote about why keeping all three around is useful! ( well we all know 62s are great for many apps anyway)

korg polysix repair: 

Another day dawned, and the keyboard was taken out once again to allow test equipment access to the oscillator section. Apart from the K30A O FET, everything in voice 5 was brand new but also of the original type. In a moment of desperation we replaced the TLO72 with a TLO82 just to see what difference it made.
It did make a difference, voice 5 was now sharp, we thought great, trim it down and job done.
Not so, when voice 5 was flat, the tune low trimmer ran out of track before tuning was achieved, when it was sharp the same thing happened at the other end of the trimmer.
We next tried a TLO62, and in a Goldilocks moment, it was just right."

(from here:

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> On Jun 11, 2014, at 3:54 PM, "David G Dixon" <dixon at mail.ubc.ca> wrote:
> The slew rate specs are identical for 8X and 7X.  The input current specs
> are actually a little better for 8X.  All the other specs are more or less
> identical, except that the very lowest grade 8X are a little lower than the
> lowest grade 7X on the input voltage specs, and the CMRR spec for 8X is
> slightly lower generally (86dB vs 100dB).
> Verdict: they are interchangeable.
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>> they are not always interchangeable
>> at least not in terms of certain applications.
>> i can think of at least one case of my own and im pretty sure 
>> others have told me of cases where they needed an 82 vs 72 or 
>> vice versa. ( my instance was involving a product of mine and 
>> in the BOM there is an 82) where a. 82s (poorer?) performance 
>> versus the 72 was more desirable.
>> (it was in an lfo btw)
>> however this was NOT based on a noise consideration but, I 
>> seem to recall (this was waaaay back in 2009) based on either 
>> slew or current.
>> maybe verbos can remember ?
>> best
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>>> I think they're interchangeable. 
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>>>> Hi,
>>>> Someone please explain to me the difference between the
>> TL072 and the 
>>>> TL082. I keep hearing about its low noise, but according to the 
>>>> datasheets the noise is identical, as is the input offset current. 
>>>> The input bias current is actually higher on the TL072.
>>>> I don't get it.
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