[sdiy] TL072??

Dave Manley dlmanley at sonic.net
Wed Jun 11 07:30:23 CEST 2014

On June 10, 2014 9:03:35 PM PDT, Tim Ressel <timr at circuitabbey.com> wrote:
>Someone please explain to me the difference between the TL072 and the
>TL082. I keep hearing about its low noise, but according to the
>datasheets the noise is identical, as is the input offset current. The
>input bias current is actually higher on the TL072.  
>I don't get it.
>Tim Ressel
>Circuit Abbey
>timr at circuitabbey.com 

In today's manufacturing process there really is no difference.  According to one site in 1977 the TI  noise specs were 47nV vs 18nV for '81 vs '71.  I don't feel like digging up my ancient data books, so can't confirm, but it makes sense. Test the same die and bin the better parts separately, and charge more for them, where 'better' could be speed, power, noise, offset, or some other parameter. It could also be that in those days they slightly tweaked the process recipe to optimize the same mask set for different performance, and sold them under different part numbers.


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