[sdiy] Analog MAT12 matched NPN pairs // LS358

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What is the view of devices like the LS358 from Linear Systems?
(http://www.linearsystems.com/ or 

These aren't actually too hard to source now (though no mouser etc) - 
think you can get direct off LS in the US, but over this side of the 
pond you can try
These guys, Micross, now do online ordering & despite long(ish) 
lead-times listed on the site they often have a few in stock.
Various packages, happy with small orders - good & helpful.

There are other interesting transistor pairs from LS too.
Good things:
- they seem to be great quality devices (pros commenting on these areas 
would be good though..) but not too ridiculously priced & not too hard 
to source.

Ta, Tom

On 01/06/2014 20:54, Jay Schwichtenberg wrote:
> These are a lot cheaper and will work.
> http://synthcube.com/cart/index.php?route=product/product&path=74_18&product
> _id=162
> There has been a lot of talk about how regular transistors matched are good
> enough. I can see that for filters but I'm wondering about for VCOs. One of
> the parameters that isn't mentioned anymore is rBE which can cause errors in
> the exponential converter. This is mentioned in Electro Notes and on Rene
> Schmitz's web site (http://www.schmitzbits.de/expo_tutorial/index.html). At
> one point this was one of the reasons the expensive transistor arrays were
> used. Rene's web site mentions that this can be compensated for if high
> frequency trimming is put into the exponential converter. But still having
> to trim something out seems wrong if you can avoid it. Also maybe picking
> transistors that have a low rBE (which typically is NOT speced for a
> transistor) would be better than the old 2NXXXX and BCXXX standbys.
> Comments/discussion?
> Thanks for the bandwidth.
> Jay S.
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> I think my MFOS modular PCBs arrived at work last week. I was
> originally planning to match 2n3904s and cuddle them up in goo
> and heatshrink, but these caught my eye as I was browsing Mouser
> for VCO parts...
> http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/609/MAT12-246314.pdf
> Comments? They're quite expensive ($30+ each even in /10 qty)
> but OTOH I don't need that many, and they're in nice shiny metal
> cans, they're available, and they're already matched. Worth it?
> John
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