[sdiy] Analog MAT12 matched NPN pairs

Pete Hartman pete.hartman at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 17:16:49 CEST 2014

There was a recent project that created PCBs for the Ian Fritz
matching method Matthias just linked to.  You can contact
EatYourGuitar on Muff's and I believe he will share gerbers, as he
says he's no longer making boards himself.


For anyone who feels they need a PCB....  Personally I think it's a
simple enough circuit I built it directly on the switches and sockets
I set it up with, and stripboard wouldn't have been much harder.

On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 6:54 AM, Matthias Herrmann
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>> I don't think so.  Tapped 3904s are very closely matched and if that
>> is not enough for you, you can use Ian's matching method.  You can
>> google "ian fritz transistor matching" for plenty of info.
> not necessarily. i rencently matched quite a few 2n3906. all from the same
> batch, and while most pairs had less than 2mV Vbe difference (the value moog
> once specified), one transistor had been way off (7mV Vbe for the pair). i don't
> have exact numberes, but as a rough estimate i would say 1 out of 30? anyways, i
> you pick randomly you might get the worst pair from your batch, no matter how
> large your batch is. why risc this while matching could be done easily?
> BTW i did use ian fritz' method, which uses very few parts. one could easily
> build it on breadboard or a small piece of proto:
> http://home.comcast.net/~ijfritz/MiscProj/transmat001.pdf
> just my 2 pence.
> cheers,
> matthias
>> On May 31, 2014, at 8:48 PM, john slee wrote:
>> > I think my MFOS modular PCBs arrived at work last week. I was
>> > originally planning to match 2n3904s and cuddle them up in goo
>> > and heatshrink, but these caught my eye as I was browsing Mouser
>> > for VCO parts...
>> >
>> > http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/609/MAT12-246314.pdf
>> >
>> > Comments? They're quite expensive ($30+ each even in /10 qty)
>> > but OTOH I don't need that many, and they're in nice shiny metal
>> > cans, they're available, and they're already matched. Worth it?
>> >
>> > John
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