[sdiy] What to do with SMT part reels?

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I say float ten strips on eBay, might take a while to get them out the door
but for what they charge for a permanent listing you'll make it back in one

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Yeah, unfortunately getting rid of stuff can be massively time consuming
- so when looked at economically, I guess your company may say that it
simply isn't worth trying to recoup on such parts.
On the personal level - for small/cheap things - I often reckon giving away
can save some sanity (clearing out can be cathartic) - this list & AH have
been good for shifting some things over the years - there's often someone
who's happy just to cover postage.
But, yeah, those gold connectors.. that's a bit more tricky. As always if
you sell all together, bulk-discount should apply - unless you're happy to
spend 640 periods of time selling them one-by-one!
Stuff is wonderful, but also quite a burden - physically and mentally too.
Good luck - Tom

On 30/01/2014 02:23, Barry Klein wrote:
> There is a shelf life limitation on such parts and I don't know how old
these are.
> I think they are being dumped just because they are no longer on any build
> I'm wondering if there just is no market out there for used/old SMT part
> I myself have some reels at home I've been wondering what to do with -
things like tantalum caps, xtals, caps, resistors....
> I haven't had much luck selling parts on ebay.
> Lately I found some RF gold plated connectors stashed away in a box.
Probably 640 of them. They sell new now for $15 each on Digikey.
> They are in individual plastic bags.  Crap, that's $9300 worth.  What to
do with them??
> I need to move a bunch of random scrap boards, power adapters, parts etc.
in my garage. I just never use the stuff and it takes up too much space.
> Barry
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