[sdiy] Disposing of cupric chloride

Karl Ekdahl elektrodwarf at yahoo.se
Tue Jan 28 02:16:36 CET 2014

It is indeed light blue. David; i'm a little confused about you saying it's harmless as every other source i've found says it's indeed really bad for the environment, not saying you're wrong just saying that's what i've read on several different blogs and sites. So is the white slime at the bottom the copper salt or?

Den måndag, 27 januari 2014 19:05 skrev Paul Anderson <wackyvorlon at me.com>:
What colour of blue is it? You should have copper carbonate, which is a light blue. 

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> On Jan 27, 2014, at 3:29 PM, Karl Ekdahl <elektrodwarf at yahoo.se> wrote:
> Hi list, so i had a little acid spill and need to dispose of some cupric chloride but haven't found any straight answers on how to. I neutralized the solution using water and baking soda, and then i put a beer can in the mix as i heard aluminium will form crystals with the copper which would be way easier to dispose of then the liquid form. Long story short i've ended up with a bucket of blue water with what looks to be salt in the bottom. I assume the "salt" is the copper, now can i simply pour the blue water in the drain or is it still super poisonous?
> Thanks
> Karl
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