[sdiy] Disposing of cupric chloride

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Tue Jan 28 00:04:32 CET 2014

No it's not poisonous.  It never was poisonous.  Just flush it down the
drain with lots of water.  Dilution is (still) the solution to pollution.

The thing about some salts is that they can stress the bacteria at the water
treatment plant, but if you dilute it enough, it's OK, and most bacteria
actually like some copper.  It's really not much more serious than dumping
saltwater down the drain.

The way to handle etching with CuCl2/HCl/H2O2 solution is to do it in the
sink (one you don't care about messing up), and any little spills or extra
solution just gets washed down the sink.  You know you can reuse this
solution indefinitely (unlike FeCl3 solution).  I have been using the same
1-litre bottle of solution for etching for 5 years.  I just add little bits
of acid and peroxide to it as needed in my pyrex swish dish, and a bit
sloshes out and goes down the sink when I etch, and then when I put it back
into the bottle any extra just dribbles out of the funnel and down the sink.
This way, I'm harmlessly dumping a few mL of the solution every time I use
it, and the bottle remains full.  (My laundry room sink does look like shit
now, though, which my wife never misses an opportunity to bitch about.  HCl
solutions are not friendly to stainless steel.)

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> Hi list, so i had a little acid spill and need to dispose of 
> some cupric chloride but haven't found any straight answers 
> on how to. I neutralized the solution using water and baking 
> soda, and then i put a beer can in the mix as i heard 
> aluminium will form crystals with the copper which would be 
> way easier to dispose of then the liquid form. Long story 
> short i've ended up with a bucket of blue water with what 
> looks to be salt in the bottom. I assume the "salt" is the 
> copper, now can i simply pour the blue water in the drain or 
> is it still super poisonous?
> Thanks
> Karl
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