[sdiy] Korg release full-size MS-20 kit

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Thu Jan 23 23:50:40 CET 2014

Contrary to what I wrote recently about large manufacturers not wanting
to produce complex analogue gear - which was already falsified by the
mini-MS-20 - here is something I just read about on the Analogue Heaven
mailing list:



It is a full-size MS-20 recreation, with SMD components, PCBs already
assembled, switchable between the early and late production filters and
with MIDI In via DIN socket and USB.  It uses an external power adaptor
rather than having mains in.

It is relatively expensive and the Synthtopia page indicates it is a
limited run, but there's no mention of this at the Korg page.

  - Robin

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