[sdiy] Solder stops flowing all of a sudden?

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I would suggest you read upon this from some of the manufacturers but here
is a typical link

If you are involved in the industry you will know that you can't use lead
solder equipment for lead-free soldering as lead-free solder is more
aggressive and destroys things like the containers used in solder-wave
equipment.  Companies that had lead solder equipment and wanted to
changeover to lead-free had to either replace the solder tanks or have them
lined to prevent excessive deterioration of the tanks. Lead solder tips
corrode much quicker in lead-free solder and so you will find that lead-free
solder tips have a different coating that protects them better.

With lead soldering irons you would wipe the tip before soldering but would
not be too concerned about leaving solder on the tip when you had finished
with the iron. With lead-free soldering irons you should always clean the
tip if it is not going to be used shortly otherwise the solder will start to
attack the tips.

A little dated but still relevant


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> If you are using lead-free solder then you need lead-free soldering tips.
> They ARE different to lead tips and neither work well with the other i.e.
> lead-free tip and lead-solder or lead-tip and lead-free solder do not 
> work well together.
> Also, lead-free tips need to run hotter than their lead counterparts.
> Cleaning and maintenance of the tips is completely different as well

This has not been my experience at all. What issues have you noticed?
What is the technical difference between the tips that you have come across?


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