[sdiy] Solder stops flowing all of a sudden?

Scott Gravenhorst music.maker at gte.net
Wed Jan 22 01:19:14 CET 2014

jays at aracnet.com wrote:
>I've never had any bad solder in 45 years. I did have some that was 
>really old and the flux leaked out of the first 6" or so on the spool. 
>Got rid of that and it was fine.
>You aren't soldering a power plane or some thing else that's a heat sink 
>and sucking all the heat away?
>I'd try a different iron too.
>Jay S.

Yeah, I'd tend to think this is a heat problem.  I doubt that flux is causing this. 
If the temperature of the iron is truly high enough, the alloy will melt.  period. 
flux does not affect the melting point, it affects the chemistry of the alloy adhering
to the target metal.  "Bad" solder can be eliminated by either buying new solder or by
getting a sample from a different spool from a friend of colleague.  I've tossed
older/cheap irons in the trash for this very symptom.

>On 2014-01-21 15:09, Karl Ekdahl wrote:
>> Hi list, so i've stumbled on this peculiar thing where my solder stops
>> flowing all of a sudden. It melts, but doesn't become liquid, it sort
>> of becomes "old" immediately the way solder becomes if its been on
>> your tip for too long - giving horrible crack-ily joints. It seems my
>> iron is keeping its heat and the tip is brand new, i seem to recall
>> stumbling upon this before and it was a roll of solder that was bum
>> halfway through.. rings any bells? Not sure what to do, buy another
>> roll of solder? Is my iron going?
>> Thanks
>> Karl
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