[sdiy] Solder stops flowing all of a sudden?

Barry Klein Barry.L.Klein at wdc.com
Wed Jan 22 01:47:33 CET 2014

Is your tip 4 years old too? :-)
Try a different iron to see if it is due to the iron/tip.
Otherwise, it is due to the large solar flare a week or two back that caused a disturbance in the outer ring of the tin electrons within the solder.

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i've used >30 rolls of this solder over the last course of 4 years :) it's just fine. i'm just trying to figure out why this is happening all of a sudden

Den tisdag, 21 januari 2014 18:32 skrev Barry Klein <Barry.L.Klein at wdc.com>:
A lot of the "no clean" "lead free" solders make bad looking joints after heated for more than a second or so.
Get some of this: http://www.mgchemicals.com/products/solder/fluxes/rosin-flux-835/
Put some in a plastic bottle or syringe with a needle dispenser to apply directly to the joint.
Some stores offer a flux pen which works too.


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